Wednesday, March 15, 2006

White Spaces

Look at all the white space on this map:
Unknown, uncharted, probably desolate lands
"Here Be Monsters" written in some ancient hand.
What brave explorer might fill in these gaps?
I say I can.

Well, how bad could it be? just empty spaces.
Not to brag... I've been some dangerous places.
I've waded quicksands and walked desert trails.
Where others disappeared without a trace,
I never failed.

Incognita, this terrain... yet it reminds me
of something I've forgotten, or perhaps never seen.
Each morning of this expedition finds me
staring ahead at some familiar scene
I'd thought behind me.

This landscape mingles dream and memory.
Impossible, here in deep desert, I can hear the sea
or a cool breeze smells of mountain air and pines.
If these are memories, they are not mine
not drawn from me.

I've found some tracks, but whose? I fear to guess.
They fit my shoes... by now, that's no surprise.
Whatever I once knew, I now know less
but know the truth, this waste's a thin disguise
a mask of lies.

Yes, I remember. Yes, I've been here before.
I was the wanderer shipwrecked on this shore.
I met You here, and then I went away.
We always knew that I'd come back once more
this time to stay.

images decomposed from GreenArt Prints

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