Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Ephemerality Of Flowers

Sol Magazine's contests this quarter include: Write up to four single stanza poems about the ephemeral quality of flowers.

I don't much care for the topic: it's just a little too sentimental for me. But one shouldn't turn down an opportunity to practice...

White Camellias

Camellia petals fall like snow
and rot like brown slush. Unsightly.
But between the glossy leaves,
tiny green fruits peep out.


I didn't make it to the waterfront this year.
The cherry trees bloomed and their petals fell
like snow on sidewalks, without my help.
Did I think they'd wait?

A Bowl of Rhododendron

She said "They look just like silk!"--
three perfect rhododendron blossoms
in a bowl of water. But silk's forever,
these will be gone tomorrow.

Would You Get Bored With Eternal Spring?

I would. Dogwood and cherry, these pink pastels--
let them fade. Give me green mansions of summer
copper-gold-foil crinkled leaves in fall
black bark calligraphy against untrodden snow.

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