Friday, April 07, 2006

Glass Cage

I think this is my third try at this subject. (The others were "Glass and Mirror" and "Inspiration".) This time I think I finally got all the elements together.

Trying to reach the sun,
a butterfly beats against the window,
not understanding why it can't get out.
The dust from its wings silvers the glass,
turns it to mirror.

The poor thing falls in love with its own reflection--
a mere illusion, a cold unloving thing--
sits there on the sill, thinking itself content.
The view is blocked. It forgets the sun.

Someone throws open the window and the butterfly tumbles out!
Sunlight and wind surround it
and those bright wings stretch out, out
carrying it high into the air.
There, there's the sun; it doesn't seem far at all...
fly, free soul, leave the glass cage behind.

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