Friday, April 07, 2006

A Little Craziness

... or maybe more than a little.

I've put away my sweaters and my coats,
I'm breaking out the tank-tops and the shorts.
It's premature-- two weeks since we had frost!
A taste of sun-- I lose my self-control

and go for broke. I make the season mine
though weather forecasts warn me it's not time.
I've shed the fleece and fur (synthetic, mind)
Yes, I'll be cold-- but I'll be unconfined.

This doesn't rhyme-- all discipline broke down
the minute that I saw the sun come out.
Oh, any warmth-- really, the least amount--
and I run mad and shouting through the crowd:

"It's spring! It's spring! Look up, the sky is blue!"
--They're coming for me now, good afternoon.

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