Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wild Geese

I heard this sound--
trembling trumpet, heart-breaking, waking, shaking the air with echo ecstatic
louder than thunder rumbling, rolling, falling golden and fading
to untarnished silver in middle air.
Harbinger, herald of what hallowed approach?
Waiting, bated breath, still-standing heart hearing stillness,
dizzy with dazed anticipation.

In answer rising, dancing from distant horizon, wild wing-wedges widen
overhead the rush and flash of feathered pinions!
Feathered frames encompass compass hearts, trumpet-called to northern shores and skies,
guided by pole-stars in their golden eyes.
Follow, hollow hearts, slow feet abandon at trumpet's command--
guided by pole-stars into far northern skies.


tumblewords said...

Wonderfully descriptive of those geese...flash of feathered pinions and wild wing-wedges widen...great phrases!

Alan Bender said...

what wholly wonderful words wandering with wild geese!WoW

Yours truly Mason said...

your very desriptive but it seems that your not just talking about geeese but somthing deepper thean that i dont know if that what you intended? but that how i read it but it was great

Lisa said...

A terrific poem Tiel. I love the words, "shaking the air with echo ecstatic" - quite unique in your choice of words.


...deb said...

I love the announcement, the first line. So calm and simple. Then the following, such a delight. (AB's response is to be commended, too!)

I don't happen upon your free verse often. You are remarkable in you wide talents.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love geese and enjoyed reading this poem very much

Linda said...

What wonderful sounds in here! Love it!