Monday, May 15, 2006

Fisherman Dragged To Death By 150-lb Catfish

This was actually my first try at handling this story. I think I like the version I posted with the carnival better; less didactic.

Now what are we to make of this fish story?
We moralize: “He should have let it go,
not thrown away his life for earthly glory.
It wasn't worth it.” Well, that's all you know.

Perhaps a kinder metaphor would show
the fisher struggling, valiant but outweighed
by fateful forces, hidden undertows,
the tragic hero overwhelmed by Fate.

And here's another meaning to relate:
God's service may take all you have to spend.
Hold fast through hardship, hold on to your faith
and do right, though you can't foresee the end.

You're free to choose the meaning as you wish,
Pick glory, chance or God to be the fish.

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