Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I thought I’d weave a web to hold my loved ones close
keep them whole, keep them safe from harm.
So I spun out shining threads of prayer.
One to my husband—it didn’t have to go far.
One, but double-thick, to my parents.
One each to friends and family,
co-workers, colleagues, people I’ve met...
a forest of threads spun out from me.

Then I walked the spiral and laid down more thread,
but it didn’t seem to stick together.
So at each crossing-point, I left a tear.
So the circles went.
The first few rounds were fine,
but as I spiralled out, the circles grew
and the radials were further and further apart
and I was getting tired...

“Help, God! I’m out of thread,
I’m out of tears!”

God lifted me from the unfinished web.
“Little spider, there’s no need for this,
I have them all in the palm of My hand.”

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