Sunday, July 30, 2006

Johnny Cash Goes To Hell

Well, Johnny he said to St. Peter
"You know that I just can't stay
I'm grateful for all that you've done for me
But I just can't live this way
while there's people suffering in Hell."

"Well, when I came up here to Heaven
You gave me a suit of white
And I put it on just to please you
But you know that it just ain't right
'cause there's people suffering in Hell."

St. Peter he says to Johnny
"I'm sorry, but those are the rules
I can't let you move out of here, Johnny
Son, what you want me to do
for the people suffering Hell?"

"Let me play for the damned souls in Hell
Let me play them 'Folsom Prison Blues'.
Let me play for the lost and the suffering
Do the job like I used to do
for the people suffering Hell."

St. Peter he says to the Devil
"Turn the damned out of their cells
The Man in Black, he's a comin'
to give a free concert in Hell
for the people suffering in Hell."

St. Peter he says to Johnny
"I'll send an angel bodyguard."
Johnny he laughed and said: "Thank you
I ain't scared of no prison yard.
Ain't no-one gonna hurt me in Hell."

The stadium's big as the wide Earth
The damned soul were packed ear to ear.
When they heard him say:
I'm Johnny Cash!"

Well, you should have heard them cheer!
Cheers from the damned souls in Hell!

And a million souls let go their chains
And the souls flew up to the sky.
And when Peter asked: "How do you come here?"
They said: "Johnny Cash made me cry
and I'm done with suffering in Hell."

So Johnny he's wearing the black
And he plays for the damned in Hell.
And he won't let them send him back to Heaven
Till he empties out every last cell
and there's no-one suffering Hell.
In Hell, in Hell...
Johnny's playing the damned out of Hell.

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