Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sol Magazine

Sol Magazine has several of my pieces up in their Spring edition. The Summer contests are now open as well. These will be my entries (subject to revision):

July: light on a body of water

Knee-Deep In Sunset

In the flooded forest
trees wade knee-deep in sunset.
Water or second sky--
sheets of rose-gold barred with black,
like silk hangings torn to let in darkness?
The eye confuses background and foreground
solid with shadow
reflection with depth...
and sight falls upward into the drowned treetops.

August: character portrait of a loved one

Young Lion

You walked barefoot in the sand
smiling with tawny eyes
and black dandelion hair. Heat rippled--
from your caramel skin
from the blazing sun.

Desert wind your breath.
Desert now my heart.
No footprints darken the gold sands
no roaring haunts the night
except in these dreams.

September: an impressionistic character portrait

Old Soldier

You can't see the scars
but their shape's betrayed
by the gaps he leaves avoiding them
and the quietness around his corner
when they speak of history
or glory
or death in any form
and by the doubled shadow
that follows at his heels.

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