Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sorrow Town

I lived long years in Sorrow Town, hear that whistle blow
Every evening when the sun goes down, hear that whistle blow
Got no home in this place called Sorrow, wish I had a ticket on the train tomorrow
Lord, Lord, hear that whistle blow.

Rolling over rivers, rolling over plains, hear that whistle blow
Riding through the sunshine, riding through the rain, hear that whistle blow
Day so bright and the night so black, can't find my way to the railroad track
Lord, Lord, hear that whistle blow.

The station's standing empty and the grass grows over the rails
Been too long since this stretch of track has heard that whistle wail
Shadows rise up to drag me down, say "There ain't no train from Sorrow Town
Ain't no train from Sorrow Town!"

Power lines sing with a message for me, hear that whistle blow
God Train coming, gonna set you free, hear that whistle blow
Shake off the dust of Sorrow Land, let the trainman take you by the hand
Lord, Lord, hear that whistle blow!

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