Tuesday, August 08, 2006

May be of interest...

...to those of my readers who like to write, like to read what others have written, or like to be read.

Aaminah Hernandez is running a monthly blog for Islamic short fiction, Writeous Writings. If you've got short stories you'd like to see the light, hop on over and read the Guidelines. If not, stop by anyway and read the good stuff (first issue should be out Sep. 1).

There's a blog carnival starting up for Muslims in the West: you can submit to it here.

William Harryman at Integral Options Cafe is starting up a blog, to be called Elegant Thorn Review, for spiritually-inclined art and poetry. He's looking for submissions here.

I've recently joined a couple of interesting online forums. Both are free (I've heard there are other such where you have to pay. Bogus).

The JPiC Forum is oriented towards both poetry and short fiction; at least at the moment, the emphasis seems to be more on poetry. JPiC has a section for people to request and exchange critiques, but most of the site is geared toward hanging out and sharing stuff.

The Gazebo at Alsop Review is a forum devoted to serious poetry critiquing. A high level of participation is expected. Many of the members seem quite technically knowledgeable, within a fairly narrow stylistic field.

Both the above also list calls for submissions, contests, and other useful info. Check them out.

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