Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Your Body Is

Poetry Thursday suggests: the body.

Your body is
a cage of mud for a spirit of air.
a home for gracious living.
a stopping place on an endless journey.
a stage for the dance of the heart.
an engine of work.
useless baggage.
a gift from God.
a snare of Shaitan.
just life support for your brain.
what you make it.
the record left by all your ancestors.
the record of your life.
a slushy bag of chemicals.
where you are.
what you are.
a tower of strength, a temple, a fortress prison.
made from dirt.
food for worms.
radiant in the eyes of your lover.
Your body is not a photograph. Your body is not glossy. Your body is not any kind of image. Your body is sweat, taste, burn, sleep, hunger, wind. Your body is. Your body is. Your body is.

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