Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thanksgiving Song

For love on the hearth in the evening
For rain on the windows at night
For joy in the neighborhood’s houses
For laughter that comes after fright

For frost on the vault of the morning
For wind like the blade of a knife
For firs that hang over and shelter
For all of the best things in life—

give thanks to the long-honored dead
give thanks to the deeply-loved living
give thanks to the God of your people
as the season winds down to Thanksgiving!


Linda said...

This is rhyme done right! Your images are crisp and fresh! ~Linda

aka Danny Wise said...

Very sharp! Love the image - for wind like the blade of a knife.

rbarenblat said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

sister AE said...

"For frost on the vault of the morning"

This whole thing is great! If you have it set to music, will you let me know? I'd love my chorus to be able to sing it.

sister AE said...

Tiel, I do not compose, but I may be able to track someone down who could. If we come up with something, I'd be more than happy to make sure you are properly credited (and get an MP3 version). I'll let you know how this project goes, but it will likely take some months. If you change you mind, please let me know, either at my blog or via my yahoo email account (ajw48natick@).