Sunday, November 12, 2006

Unfinished Story

Last night the waves were rough and high. We watched the jellyfish go by, by morning stranded high and dry, stranded on the sand to die like dreams that make you wake and cry. Why did you say goodbye?

My heart must ride the breaking swell or be an empty sounding shell. So now I dwell far out at sea where living jellies swing like bells. Farewell, my love, farewell.

The wind is low, the tide is slack. The sea won't bring my mermaid back. Though fins and gills I lack, I'll plumb the depths to get her back. Though parted now by wave and wrack, I swear I'll win her back.

There is no ending to this story. The windswept shore will speak no more of loss or love or glory. We do not know what went before or what's in store. Listener, if you're inclined to worry, write an ending for this story.

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