Sunday, December 17, 2006

At The Foot Of The World Tree

A seeker said: "The World Tree has blight.
Her roots are gnawed by grubs, the wood inside
by beetles. Even now, her branches crack
and soon she'll fall, and let in endless night."

"That's nonsense!" cried a second, "She is hale!
Her boughs are hung with suns that do not fail,
she's rooted deeper than the worlds we know
and watered from a well that's never stale!"

The third one said: "The Tree you two dispute--
though sick or healthy, leaf or branch or shoot--
is mere illusion, painted gauze. Behold!"
And ripped the canvas wide. They stood, struck mute

then one by one, the disputants passed through
and so they disappeared, all three, from view.

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