Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cartesian Sky

For Poetry Thursday, whose prompt this week involved using math proofs.

Also for Kevin.

Let me be X and let us solve for why
for Y, I mean, the quantity unknown.
For X is humble, horizontal, prone
beneath the looming vertical of Y.
I may not dare to touch Cartesian sky—
my X is limbs and body, flesh and bone—
but I am seeking mysteries new-grown,
imaginary homes for such as i.

If we solve Y, or why, it’s not enough
for solid proof. More unknowns intervene,
like who and how, and what remains unseen.
This last equation take on faith, with love:
As God is infinite, let X be me.
Let X at last approach infinity.


Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful. The mathematical equation adds elegance to an already elegant form, and it all flows so well.

When I wrote the prompt I didn't realize Poetry Thursday had already done a math prompt. I went to Earl Braggs reading, and loved what he did, so away I wrote!

SB said...

Elegant. Yes.

I really love this.

Thank you.

paisley said...

this was very clever indeed thanks for resurrecting it....

rbarenblat said...

The first line really knocks my socks off. :-)

...deb said...

For me, the title was enough. But it evolved beautifully. More wise than even clever.