Saturday, January 06, 2007

Empty Basket

A woman waitsin a winter field
by a barren tree.Her basket is empty.
Get up, girlget up and walk
no fruit will fallfrom the dead tree.
Bury your basketby the wood's edge
walk over wild hillson the wind's path.

Down in the drylandsdust will embrace you
dust and the devildancing on heat waves
thickening your throatthirst will stalk you.
Pale horses pass,impossibilities
no tracks on the trailtraveller beware.

Bury your basketit bogs you down.
Forget the dry fieldfollow the wind.
Storm on the steepsstings you with hail
crusting your cloakwith crackling ice.
Fractal frost-blossomsframe possibilities
peacock plumageexplodes in your path!

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