Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow And Ice

As some of you may know, we had a completely unforeseen snowstorm here in Portland on Tuesday. I was off work for two days. Really, it's embarrassing that a four-inch snowfall should completely paralyze a major city...

This week the weather wasn’t awfully nice.
Two days off work, I sat and watched the thaw.
We’re digging out from under snow and ice.

At seven Tuesday morn, to my surprise
we’d had about an inch of snow or more.
This week, the weather wasn’t awfully nice

and streets were slick and dangerous, in disguise
like wolves in white, concealing teeth and claws.
We’re digging out from under snow and ice,

recovery is underway. The skies
are grey, but getting warm, the best we saw
this week. The weather wasn’t awfully nice

and now we’re hoping there’ll be no reprise
no freezing rain or sleet, while slow but sure
we’re digging out from under. Snow and ice

are magic glass in some magic device
to see the world perfect, without flaw.
This week the world did look awfully nice,
all wrapped up in a coat of snow and ice.

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