Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some stats

I have this compulsive streak.

I went back and put labels on _all_ my posts. It wasn't really bad; there were only, um, 495 of them...

But the reason I wanted to this was so that I could get some quick and dirty stats about what I've been writing. You may have noticed that all the poems are labelled as to form. I'm going to try to do some more thoughtful analysis later one, but here are some numbers:

I've posted 403 poems. Actually that's 403 posts containing poems; occasional posts have more than 1 poem.
111 free verse
38 "free rhyme" (what I call a poem that rhymes, but doesn't fall into any obvious form)
53 haiku
49 sonnets
19 villanelles (and 6 terzanelles, which I find a lot harder to write)
13 rondeau (rondeaux? I'm not sure what the proper plural is)
11 blues songs
4 rubonnets and 6 poems in rimas dissolutas. Rimas dissolutas you can find defined here. Rubonnets, I made up.

There are several other forms I've used, but I didn't bother to write down the counts.

NB: Many of what I've labelled "haiku" are more properly senryu according to some authorities. I'm not going to even try to draw the distinction.

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