Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Still not giving up the day job...

...but there's been an odd development on the professional front. (Professional as in, I got paid money for it.)

My drumming teacher, Caton Lyles, tapped me to participate in a Kwanzaa performance at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center. No, not drumming: storytelling and reading poetry. I happened to be the only person they could think of who could represent East Africa. (I used to live in Tanzania.)

Now it looks like I'll be appearing in what's essentially a longer version of the same show, called "Facets of Africa", running through February. I'll post the showtimes and more info when I have it, for the interest of anyone local.

Oh yeah... I got paid for the Kwanzaa gig, and I'll get paid for the February performances. But I'm still not giving up the day job.

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