Friday, February 23, 2007


Sol Magazine is finally updating again; seems a team member is recovering from a broken shoulder. They've posted the winter competitions.

One is: Write a titled poem (no more than ten lines long) that describes the appetizing scent of fruit, flowers, or your favorite food, or something else that's luscious. Compare the scent to something unusual.

Here's my effort:

Tonight I’m wrapped in the fragrance of frangipani
tender as a lover’s touch
heavy as a velvet blanket
warm as the motionless air.
I’m a peach pit swimming in a bowl of sweet cream.


Nathan said...

Lovely. You really evoke the sense of your subject.

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

I like your connection between sweetness and love...and the scent. Short, sweet, and a lovely read.


twitches said...

LOVE that last line!

quilly said...

I live in a perpetual cloud of Frangipani and I believe you captured the scentsation well.

quilly said...

I am so sorry, I left you the wrong link! Please, to see my poem for this prompt, visit here: The Essence of You