Friday, March 16, 2007

My Shadow Said

Walking in the woods with my shadow at my heels
the air smelled of smoke and of blood-stained steel
the trees came down and the birds they cried
My shadow said: “Hide.”

Walking in the desert with my shadow at my side
the desert was empty and the desert was wide
I was burning to death in the midday sun
My shadow said: “Run.”

Cold water flowing in the old grey river
I was a captive, from a slave’s chain delivered
when I fell down to rest on the river’s brink
My shadow said: “Drink.”

The table in the tower has a cloth so white
like a sheet for the winding of a corpse at night
plenty of bread but there wasn’t no meat
My shadow said: “Eat.”

The sun went down and the air was cold
the loneliness tried to kill my soul
couldn’t find my shadow and I started to weep
My shadow said: “Sleep.”

Built me a fire and it made me warm
watching it burn in the heart of the storm
slept in the light of the smoldering embers
My shadow said: “Remember.”

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