Monday, March 19, 2007

Stone World

Poetry Thursday's idea this week is to use an image for inspiration. This image is courtesy of Bill Atkinson and is from his book Within the Stone. I saw the link originally on Thrilling Wonder.


At dawn these hills are golden in the light
and water runs down, drinking the last shadows
of blue, retreating, hollow-hidden night
and red rocks stand like walls among the meadows--
a trick of eye, to see a world in stone.
How often have I wished that I could wander
an atom, tiny, free and all alone
among imagined landscapes, over yonder
somewhere past, beyond the veil, outside in?
I'm left to contemplate the hidden texture
of agate worlds, of cosmos crystalline
of depth perceived in two-dimensioned picture.
If you come by here someday, find me gone
I'm walking on those golden hills at dawn.

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