Friday, April 27, 2007

Dinosaur Feathers

Sunday Scribblings: Wings.

The pictures in my childhood books were dull,
the dinosaurs we knew in days of yore:
drab green and brown, cold-blooded and thick-skulled.
But out of China, feathered Sinosaur
came, like a fluffy wingless giant chicken
and challenged our assumptions. Next we knew,
warm-blooded theories came along to thicken
the plot—the reptile model’s days were through.
The pictures now are fanciful and bright,
Triceratops, as gaudy as macaws
(though certainly not capable of flight
under Triassic aviation laws).
The latest: proteins from Tyrannosaur
are bird, not lizard. Watch this space for more.

Reference on Tyrannosaur proteins
Reference on Sinosaur fossil

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