Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Great Basin Paints

This is a landscape poor of color
three-quarters of the year. Call it
the unpainted desert. Pungent sagebrush,
bitter alkali, tan grass and pronghorns.
Spring comes tumbling over rimrock
like a can of many-colored paint
kicked over by careless angels in the sky.
Names of colors: lupine, primrose, poppy,
yellow-headed blackbird, scarlet
paintbrush, painted ponies, paint
everywhere you look. Watercolors
will dry up before you dip your brush—
like desert blooming backwards
flowers disappear before your eyes
paint poured back into the can
seeds hidden under colorless dust.
Quartz crystals hide in the rocks
pry them loose, hold them to the sun
and rainbows blossom.

This was actually my first stab at the topic. I noticed a lot of repetition (brush, dust, paint) and thought "maybe a villanelle (loosely speaking)."

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