Tuesday, May 15, 2007

For You

Author: Paddy Noble

For You


When clarity makes my heart dance
I know it is you
pulling at the hem of my mind
unravel me quickly.


I am getting smaller
while you are getting larger
I want to thank you for your gifts
before I disappear
Every day I'll sit here
so that if you should come by
I might see you
and joyfully whisper my love.


I shall wrap my tears of joy
in words describing your beauty
so as not to let my love disturb
your constancy.

Paddy Noble, a published Poet from Bridgehampton, N.Y., has won awards for her work in San Francisco and from the Live Poets Society, Westhampton Poetry Festival, and the Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society on Long Island, New York. Her work can be found in the recent poetry anthologies, “Songs of Seasoned women”, ”The Light of City and Sea” and “Long Island Sounds”.

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