Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The One and Only One

Author: sf

The One and Only One

How can enough praise be ever offered to the ONE,

Whose Praise is undefinable
Whose Love is unsurpassable
Whose Mercy is immeasurable
Whose Hope is unquantifiable
Whose Forgiveness is incalculable
Whose Power is undiminishable
Whose Might is unchallengeable
Whose Knowledge is unimaginable
Whose Glory is unthinkable
Whose Majesty is indecipherable
Whose Guidance is invisible
Whose Light is inconceivable
Whose Wisdom is unfathomable
Whose Exaltedness is inexplicable
Whose Justice is inestimable
Whose Decree is unalterable
Whose Trust is incomprehensible
Whose Beauty is ungraspable
Whose Truth is incomparable

He is the One, the Only One
La ilaha illAllah.

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