Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sonnet to Love

Author: Asifa Sheikh


Long after roses shed their blushing bloom,
Long after jasmine, pressed, loses perfume,
Long after sunsets leave the sky forlorn,
Long after countless moonless nights are born -
Ceaseless the litany for Love will be;
Timeless, the universe’s praise for Thee.

When waves of grief do cause the soul to quake,
When every false hope does the heart forsake,
When from weary spirits the colours fade,
When hands tremble at heartaches they have made -
When Truth unveils ephemerality,
Then will my heart mirror you, Love, to be

Infinite even to Infinity,
Eternal even to Eternity.

Asifa is a 30 year old Canadian born Pakistani, and also an English major at York University (Toronto, Canada). She enjoys exploring themes of spirituality, Divine Love and Beauty through experiments in poetry, some short fiction and essays.

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