Thursday, June 14, 2007

God's Dance

God lives in every dance; the swirl
of water draining from the bath,
the logarithmic-spiral math
of nautilus in cells of pearl,
the curling traces left behind
by random particle decay,
the fractal fiddlehead display
of ferns beginning to unwind.

God lives in every dance; the crash
of guns on distant killing floors,
the refugees on foreign shores
who huddle over fires of trash,
the hopeless tears, the angry laughs,
the sirens racing through the dark,
the bloody thumb that leaves its mark
on missing children’s photographs.

We search for truth in circumstance
and fear the world proves meaningless—
that life is ruled by random chance
the good don’t always find success
or wealth and health and happiness.
But still, God lives in every dance.

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