Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dancing Ghazal

I was so sad to see the leaves fall
until I realized they were dancing

and I feared the evening shadows
until the firelight set them dancing

though the mountain is giant and moveless
around its head the clouds are dancing

and the river is cold and dark in winter
but the sunlight on the ice is dancing

through the endless grass of the prairie
the hot wind of summer goes dancing

in the deep forests that are older than time
the streams come from the heights dancing

and the body decays in the earth
while the soul goes dancing, dancing, dancing.

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Holly Jensen said...

Hi! My name is Holly Jensen, and I'm the new editor of The Ghazal Page (now at I wanted to let you know we used a sher from this great ghazal on our facebook page (of course credited fully to you).

If you'd like to submit any ghazals in the future, I'd love to read more of your work. Also, if any of your fellow poets might be interested, please do share.

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