Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sycamore Song

High in the air where the sunshine is sparkling
a sycamore seed goes spinning along.
"Sycamore seed, can I go where you're going?
Sycamore seed, will you sing me your song?"

"High in the sky past the gate of the mountain
In a valley of clouds, by the side of a stream
That's where I'm bound on the wings of the summer breeze
Deep in the dark earth, to slumber and dream."

"No more to dance with the midsummer lightning?
Never to fly through the sweet silver rain?
Sycamore seed, oh how sad is your story
Bound to the dark earth by gravity's chain!"

"Bound in the darkness, my wings will unravel
My body will turn to a slender green shoot
As spring turns to summer, new leaves will unfurl
High overhead, from the deep-sunken root.

"The leaves they will dance with the midsummer lightning
The roots they will drink of the sweet silver rain
For God set the seed of the sycamore turning
Turning and turning and turning again."

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