Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pyramid Blues

Monkey, let go, pull your hand from the trap
the product you're selling turned out to be crud.
You mortgaged your soul and you gave up your dreams
the day you signed on for that pyramid scheme.
It worked for the Pharaohs, just look at those graves!
(but life wasn't great for the Egyptian slaves.)

Downstream's where water most naturally flows
but straight to the top's where the money all goes.
That revenue stream is like blood that won't stop
just feeding the greed of the man at the top.
You can take it with you, the Pharaohs all knew
they gave their whole country the pyramid blues.

Your only salvation is fleecing new sheep
to get enough wool that you'll have some to keep
to cover yourself in a new woollen coat
so no one will notice you're really a goat.
So plow for the Pharaoh and reap what you sow
a brick in the pyramid, one in the row.
So plow for the Pharaoh and pay what you owe
just a brick in the pyramid. Monkey, let go!

1 comment:

Merryweather said...

What a great poem! Enjoyed it so much & loved the rhyme. Demands a second reading!