Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Coyote Tracks

In the grey glass of a windy morning
dead leaves float like flakes of amber
above the damp sidewalk. Cold air
puddles on the porch steps. Overhead
a single crow calls from the wires.

It’s not your city only. Owls claim your roofs.
Every power-line’s a highway
for squirrel adventures. Beside your SUV,
a raccoon waits, ever-present companion
with his own agenda.

A landscape made by humans,
but untame, opens at your careless tread.
Coyote tracks lead away
under the restless sky and the waving
of wind-snapped high-tension lines.

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ozymandiaz said...

great imagery. you create a very visceral scene.

tumblewords said...

Provocative piece for the 'all about ME' human.

Lirone said...

I love the way you capture the feeling of wildness even in the depths of the city...

Beloved Dreamer said...

I think, it is we humans that get in the way of nature. Great imagery and lessons to be learned by all mankind.
Your site is so spiritual.Almost as if reading your poems is like praying. I love your work and site.