Monday, January 14, 2008

You Can Get There

Walking the dark streets in a neon drizzle
between glass pyramids and a granite sphinx—
that’s how the journey starts, looking for a stop
on the crosstown line.

In the center of the street the third rail sizzles
and the looping neon spells out fire-letters: Drinks
and Eats
reflected in the windows of doorless shops.
Looking for a sign

that says Bus Stop. Bust Top. Bust up, bust out
RustStop Rustoleum linoleum petroleum
It is your right to associate freely. Free associate.
Neon spells go Trailways trail away
that’s how the journey starts,
finding meaning in the mundane.
You can get there without going anywhere.

CUPS: There’s a martini glass in pink neon outside a bar.
WANDS: Friends of Trees is planting saplings in your neighborhood this month.
SWORDS: Kabuki samurai on an Acura billboard.
COINS: jingle jangle in your pocket as you touch the telephone.
Calling home? Don’t pay long distance. You can get there
without going anywhere.

Looking for a sign? Watch the walls. Read neon spelling
from here. It’s not that far to daylight.


paisley said...

this was excellently put together.. i got a carnival barkers feel from it... very nice.....

tumblewords said...

Love the rhythm in this and the use of the prompt! I agree with paisley - a distinct carnival/surreal feel. Great!

Pauline said...

I got more of a subway/trolley feel, all those tracks sizzling and neon signs and references to journeys. I liked the free associations - it sets one's mind on a less well-worn path. I never cease to be amazed and impressed with your command of the language.

SB said...

"It is your right to associate freely" !!

HL said...

ntb, what the number on your associate's decree?

Linda said...

This tickled my brain! I still have to read it more to "get" everything but after two readings, I'm amazed at your wordplay!