Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Scene from the Titanic

3 Word Wednesday: Bridge. Disturbed. Still.

bridge players refuse
to be disturbed by shipwreck
still at their table


UL said...

oh wonderful word-play, wonderful usage of the words. Loved it.

TC said...

I'm still laughing at the title.

Not because what happened wasn't tragic, but because I think my crush on Leonard Di Caprio at the time the movie came out means I shall never be able to get the movie out of my head when I hear "Titanic" and that does make me laugh.

Sandy said...

What a strong image your words make...those musicians were faithful to their music and passengers to the very end...very well done.


tumblewords said...

Ah, yes. Amazing, isn't it? Nicely done!

LittleWing said...

great ku.. the titanic will forever be frozen in my mind... not sure why... i can imagine the card players just as they were at the table now under the sea...still playing.. again, great ku

Bone said...

Oh, that was wonderful! You perfectly captured the scene.