Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cat Heaven

In cat heaven the squirrels are toothless
and the trees are greased lampposts.
In cat heaven there are no actual mouseholes but
someone has painted occasional black circles
on the baseboards.
In cat heaven there’s a big soft chair
and a sunny window
and purring.

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Dan Gambiera said...

Lazer has already claimed the big soft chair in the sunlight.

pepektheassassin said...

In MY heaven there's a sunny window, a big soft chair, and purring....and perhaps, a notebook and a pen.

Rethabile said...

In cat heaven there's good poetry, like this.

Lirone said...

And outside cat heaven there are a long line of humans queueing up to be allowed in for stroking duty!

tumblewords said...


Beloved Dreamer said...

A sunny window, a big soft chair and I hope a warm lap to sit on. Once again I must so beautiful.