Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prairie Home Companion

picked "Monochrome Rainbows" as a finalist in its sonnet competition.

Update: I was away from home all day yesterday and didn't get to hear the live show, but I tuned in for the rebroadcast today courtesy of OPB. Very nice reading. They didn't read all of the finalists-- there were over 30-- but they did read mine. It feels awfully strange to know my sonnet went out to a listening audience of thousands. Yes, in theory, anyone in (most of) the world could have read it on my blog-- but as I've said before, I'm only one fish in an electronic ocean that gets bigger every day.

Alhumdulillah. National Poetry Month has been good to me so far.

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Dale said...

w0000t! That's so cool!

...deb said...

That is fabulous, Tiel!