Sunday, April 27, 2008

SQL Triolet

I'd like to do an INNER JOIN with you
WHERE Heart's NOT NULL. Let that be my SELECT
and let the GROUP BY Lovers follow through
and carry out my INNER JOIN with you.
It seems that that would not be hard to do--
I hope I got the SQL correct
for me to do an INNER JOIN with you
WHERE Heart's NOT NULL. That stands as my SELECT.

--for readwritepoem

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Anonymous said...

Great use of the SQL commands, I enjoyed reading this.

Anonymous said...

simply awful!

rbarenblat said...

I like best the opening lines:

I'd like to do an INNER JOIN with you / WHERE Heart's NOT NULL.

-- there's something vaguely Dickensonian about it, to me. That could be a fun exercise: writing an Emily Dickinson-type poem of longing (complete with weird line lengths and dashes) using these kinds of terms.

I'd like to do -- an INNER JOIN --
Where HEART's not NULL -- with you --

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

I have to say, writing a poem (partly) in SQL is a bit too much like... work...

T said...

Nice query-poem :)

Springfarmalmanac said...

Fun — I know none of those terms, and this is lyrical and clear and funny.

Dale said...

:-) brilliant.

christine said...

I didn't know these terms either, but the poem still worked for me. THe inner join phrase is provocative.

gkgirl said...

i also do not know the
terminology at all...
but enjoyed the poem nonetheless

jimmmaaa said...

I like the form and title. Seems a little appropriate to have a poem with form when talking about SQL databases. I'm in the technical field as well, Telecommunications.

Cynthia said...

Wonderful! I love the triolet,
if I'm not mistaken you've had
several triolets on your site,
that caught my eye and mind
before I had my own blog.

M. Morris Gaman said...

very clever