Thursday, May 01, 2008


Ohms are not a measurement of distance,
kilometers and miles do not apply
to calibrations of the heart’s resistance.

PSI may serve to grade how pistons
are powered by compressing air-supply
but ohms are not a measurement of distance.

Call them stubborn counters of persistence,
call them units striving to defy
the dissolution of the heart’s resistance,

letters from illusion to existence,
searching for reflection or reply
in space defined by measurement of distance.

Ohm denotes a certain self-insistence,
a veiling of omega. My ohm I,
a cry against the death of heart’s resistance.

Beloved alif, grant me this assistance:
swift surrender to the will Most High,
disappearing measurement of distance,
dissolution of the heart’s resistance.

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Dale said...

This is very good, but it leaves me in some doubt: are you punning on "om," or is that my local response?

Keith said...

I enjoy your verse. I will come back to read from you again.

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

Nice "meeting" you, Keith.

Dale: no, I thought about that but decided I shouldn't try to pun across _too_ many languages/traditions at once.

Vesper de Vil said...

this is one of my favourites!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, a lovely scientific wordplay of the futility of measuring the infinite, which has no PSI but the sigh of the heart, the breath, the ohm of life as attempt to connect with the will Most High :)

I love it :)

Ya Haqq!