Friday, May 30, 2008

Extravagant Creation

Back when the globe was new and cooling
God told angels off to decorate each area
and so one came down to Oregon’s Coast Range.
so the angel made trees.
High rainfall? There should be moss
and ferns
and skunk cabbages
and more moss
on rocks and trees
on everything—
and ferns on rotting logs
and in the moss on the trees!
God came down and looked around and said:
“Ferns in moss on trees? That’s extravagant—
but I kind of like it.”

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Dale said...


Stan Ski said...

The extravagance of nature!

keith hillman said...

I like it too. What a lovely idea!

Constance said...

I like your personification of God. Really makes the poem.
The only line that confused me was "God told angels off to decorate each area"
Did he tell them to GO off, or did he tell them off? I'm not sure.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

I like the way God sent angels off to decorate each area - and his comment, when he saw what they had done.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love this, I often think about the extravagance of creation and you put it beautifully here