Sunday, May 25, 2008

Glass People

The glass people live on the dark side of the Moon
and they ring when struck by photons.
In starlight they sound like a forest
of tiny windchimes
and when the full Earth is overhead they sing.
Day Earth, swirling tones of blue and white:
Night Earth used to leave them silent
but now they echo the brilliance of cities.

Once a year the glass people trek through the mountains
that lie along the terminator
and view the ragged edge of shadow
retreating across the lunar plains.
They're too fragile to bear sunlight.
But once in a great while--

some young singer bolts from the crowd
and races out into the full light of the Sun
and there he sings with all his heart
and roars with all his strength
and shatters!

--for readwritepoem

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Dale said...

"and they ring when struck by photons"

-- what a tremendous line. I love this poem.

Carole (watermaid) said...

There are so many wonderful lines in this poem.My favourites include and follow on from the one mentioned above 'In starlight/they sound like a forest of windchimes'.

Linda Jacobs said...

To add to the list: and now they eacho the brilliance of cities."

How do you come up with such unique and creative lines?

sister AE said...

Sound was part of mine too, but I didn't describe it nearly so well!

Anonymous said...

i like how you were able to get something that sounds so different from the voice from which you typically write. i'll be curious to see if you think you'll ever use this voice again or use it as another facet of your work. fun!

Nathan1313 said...

This poem is full of wonderful concrete images. I love your use of the scientific. Great work.

one more believer said...

it is a wonderful poem, the glass people... my fav.. They're too fragile to bear sunlight. But once in a great while--... and music too!

Jennifer said...

So evocative! "They sound like a forest of windchimes" is just wonderful