Monday, May 12, 2008

Hurricane Lullaby

Mama, what’s shaking the leaves on the tree?
Hush, my child, it’s the wind from the sea,
the storm rolling in is what’s shaking me.

Mama, what makes that roaring in the wood?
Hush, my baby, it’s the rising of the flood,
you know your mama always did the best she could.

Mama, oh why do you look so full of pain?
Hush, my love, I’m drowning in the rain,
no boat can bear me through this hurricane.

Mama, oh Mama, there’s a rainbow in the sky!
Hush, my babe, it’s time you learned to fly,
You know your mama’ll be with you by and by.

Donate to International Burmese Monks Organization
Other aid agencies accepting cyclone relief donations

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TOCCO said...

Very nice. It always difficult to encourage children to leave the mama! Lots of very stiring emotion in your words.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful poem. It can be read on many levels. Beautiful sound.

Anonymous said...

Tocco, it's not a matter of encouraging them to leave when one or both of you have just been killed by a wall of water driven by hundred mph winds.

Crafty Green Poet said...

very moving poem, thanks for the link too

rbarenblat said...

Beautiful. This one demands to be read aloud; it's like a blues song on the page.

mary said...

This could almost be a children's book! Lovely!

Ingrid said...

The contrast between the gentle rhythms of a children's rhyme and the chilling context of the poem is very affecting. Nice work here.