Tuesday, May 06, 2008


are so difficult to grasp:

22,000 dead
41,000 missing
hundreds of thousands starving

Cyclone Nargis blew in like a storm of numbers

twelve-foot storm surge
ninety-five percent of houses destroyed
one million homeless

drowning in a sea of numbers
and they just make you numb
clinging to life-raft numbers while the tide goes out
and whispers help



Donate to International Burmese Monks Organization
Other aid agencies accepting cyclone relief donations


Ruth said...


Cloudscome said...

This is really just unimaginable! I keep trying to picture it but it boggles the mind. I've sent a donation and now I am just praying the relief supplies from all over get to the ones who need it most.

Jill said...

That is more than my province population of homeless>!!

Anonymous said...

blew in like a storm of numbers

i like that--great!