Monday, May 05, 2008

Petrified Wood

Harder than saw-blade steel, this gem
was surely never wood. What tender green
could grow from stone-cold orange cambium?
Yet growth-rings, seven fat and seven lean
recall both plenty-years and years of drought.
Intruded quartz, a jagged mass of white
recalls the thunder-strike and wooden shouts
of breaking. Sunk in montmorillonite,
a strange clay-change turns trees to stone. Medusa's
eyes were not as potent-- only meat
was hers to alter so. But clay reduces
everything to mineral at last,
a color-coded skeleton, complete
recording of a lost organic past.

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Stan Ski said...

has it's parallels in life too - time either hardens you, or turns you to dust

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Yeah, this really speaks to me..

Annie said...

Potent words - giving art to science.

Beloved Dreamer said...

This is a powerful poem and images. In fact I like all the images in your form poem. Well done.