Friday, May 16, 2008

Truffle Shuffle

Well, I hope I'm wrong, but this is not good news.

The Perigord’s about to go extinct:
invaded, conquered by a Chinese truffle
so pour a glass of Bergerac. Let’s drink

to globalism! ‘Least, that’s how I think
this Eastern fungus got to pack its duffle
and move, to drive the Perigord extinct.

It’s hard to beat the xenophobe’s instinct
to blame the foreign. Dangerous to ruffle
Gascon pride: de Bergerac, in drink

or stone-cold sober, wouldn’t even blink.
He’d chop this mushroom into shreds—but scuffles
won’t save poor Perigord from sad, extinct

ex-trufflehood. The difference is distinct,
say experts. Chinese indicum tastes muffled,
doesn’t go with Bergerac or drinks

of regional allure. A Euro-stink
with little action, plenty of kerfuffle
will last till Perigords have gone extinct,
so pour a glass of Bergerac. Let’s drink.

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Jade said...

the vocabulary in this poem is
turning me on
what you are saying beneath
the million dollar words is

pepektheassassin said...

You are so very clever! This is fun and so well done!

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