Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Green Water

Down by green water where duckweed was spreading
I waded in mud that was up to my knees
I fished sunken treasure with nylons for netting
I captured a damselfly green as the seas.

Down by green water she told me a story
of valor and peril, enchantment and fear
of lake-bottom battles, of bottle-green glory
of unexplored kingdoms whose borders lay near.

Down by green water I heard what Odysseus
heard from the Sirens, when chained to his lock
he raved at the rowers and cursed the capricious
fortune that saved him from death on the rock.

Down by green water I heard a horn blowing
from Elfland the Fair or from Tir na nÓg.
I danced with the damsel, bewitched and unknowing
that fair Jenny Greenteeth lived deep in the bog.

Down in green water where sediment settles
Down in green depths, over water-smoothed stones
Down under duckweed and guardian nettles
Green water nibbles the flesh from my bones.

image by Wordle

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Rachel said...

Wow! Your aptitude for linking words together is absolutely amazing! You have such a gift! Thank you for sharing such a lovely piece!

Greyscale Territory said...

The repetition of "down by green water" gives the poem a lilting, happy tone ~ very song-like! Beautiful!

Stan Ski said...

Many mysteries lurking beneath the algae.

Sweet Talkin' said...

Yeah, I really really liked this. And Jenny Greenteeth, what a great name!

Lucy said...

Magical, reminded me a bit of Yeats' 'Stolen Child', a bit of 'Goblin Market', a bit of 'Up the Airy Mountain...', but mostly just all it's own, joyful but shivery... just great.

Beloved Dreamer said...

Wow indeed!!!! Such a magical poem of great beauty. It almost made me feel like I was reading about Tom Bombadill and Goldberry the River God's daughter. I know that I spelled that all wrong. ;-) Excellent and very lovely moving reading experience. Thank you.


tumblewords said...

The only thing I know for certain when I visit your blog is that I will find a delightfully delicious poem.

Dennis said...

Your poetry is always strong - I especially love it when its fun. This one was not only a joy to read, it has its own music. Thanks.

karen crone said...

This is my first time to your page, and what an impression you've made! Wonderful, beautiful poem!

one more believer said...

had a green musical flow of notes floating down the river and then the bones... great write!

Dan said...

Sometimes ya gets the elf. And sometimes th' elf gets you.

yannmoritz said...

love this poem really.
i was asking myself if you'd mind if i use it for a song (with credits to you of course). i'm celtic fingerstyle guitarist, and it would fit awesome to a melody i'm working on.

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

Yannmoritz: I would be happy to have you use it. Please send me a sound file.

yannmoritz said...

very nice. i'll send you a recording as soon as i'll find some time to record. thx a lot, great poem!

yannmoritz said...

ah... you got a mail adress or something where i can send it to?

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

Yan: you can send it to

1724 NE Prescott
Portland OR 97211