Friday, June 06, 2008


They say that Pegasus has giant wings
of swan or eagle, muscular and wide.
A hiker pauses at Pierian springs
and gathers feathers from the water-side
and finds them tiny, jeweled, malachite,
azure and ruby, gaudy thistle-fluff
or snowflakes spun from many-colored light.
These plumes could not be nearly strong enough
to give the gift of flight to any horse,
say literal minds. I raise for disputation
a question of aerodynamic force:
how heavy is a breath shaped into words,
can Pegasus, embodied inspiration
still hover on the wings of hummingbirds?

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Karen Mowrey said...

very clever!

Wordcrafter said...

Wow....this vision is absolutely stunning Aisha! But the question is the weight of words.... maybe heavy.. maybe light... indescernible, impalpable, like the wind.. the same gentleness, the same force..