Thursday, June 12, 2008


A slow ant follows a winding thread
in and out of four gates joined by thread.

A witness recites a testament of faith
over a strand of wooden beads on a thread.

Those who remember with a humble heart
shine like dawn light on a silken thread.

Seekers of truth follow invisible paths
drawn to the center by the slenderest thread.

The uplifted heart dances over deep abysses
on bridges as delicate as a spider’s thread.

Four blind travelers approach four open gates
each guided by the pull of a heart-strung thread.

Every road is a path, every path is a gate
and the rope of Allah is your guiding thread.

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totomai said...

this is very insightful. and its really true nowadays. we meet different kind of people in our lives...

Latree said...

this is so deep and so true..

Greyscale Territory said...

This sounds like a magical, sacred meditation.


danni said...

beautiful imagery

Divinedesign said...

I connect with Rumi.
I connect with what you wrote: thank-you. Wonderful.

Steve said...


GreenishLady said...

This is one to be read again, and again. Each verse like a bead on that thread, to be fingered again and again. Beautiful.

Tammie Lee said...

your line:
Every road is a path, every path is a gate

is a lovely way to look at life
gates into the divine, everywhere

Anonymous said...

The Talmud tells us that confronting the evil impulse both the righteous and the sinner weep. The wicked see it as a huge cable and cry "How were we able to to lift such a huge rope!" The good see it as a slender thread and cry "How were we unable to shift this tiny string!"

Hold fast to a better rope and avoid both sorts of weeping.