Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Humans, like pigs, look absurd in flight—
none of us resembles a bird in flight.

Flames etch the sky and debris rains down
from every disaster that’s occurred in flight.

Icarus wore wings that were carved from wax
but the sun was hot, they grew blurred in flight.

Sprinters kneel at the first command,
poise at the second, at the third—in flight!

Phidippides brought triumphant news, and died
like a foundered horse fatally spurred in flight.

The clear-sky thunder of jets coming in,
bombers like a buffalo herd in flight.

A heart plunges through starlit cloud chasms
exploring in search of God’s word, in flight.

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karen crone said...

This is wonderful, lovely.
Thank you for the prompt, and for teaching me something new.

Crafty Green Poet said...

yes this is an excellent ghazal

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Ghazals Tiel. They are all incredibly powerful, and I love the way you have interpreted the form. I have been inspired. Thank you.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

There's some powerful messages here and the simple way you present them opens new possibilities for the Ghazal.

Lirone said...

Beautiful and powerful use of the form... thanks for inspiring me to write ghazals both with the prompt and this example!

Lucy said...

A beautiful necklace!

tumblewords said...

You make it look so easy - it's a lovely form and you do it justice!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful The images in your ghazal are amazing.

Mine is Waiting for Daylight Thank you for showing me another style of poetry.


Stan Ski said...

A very difficult discipline, made to look easy. Thanks for the lesson.

one more believer said...

i 2 agree w/above comments... with yr words one forgets the challenges of the form and enjoys the story... still working on mine... thank you for this week's challenge...

Felicity said...

Thank you SO much for the prompt. :)
It helped me write a poem that I am quite pleased about.
Loved your poem.
There was this sense of ascending and descending in the poem that was perfectly brilliant.