Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tiger, I

These stripes are the only bars
I will ever wear, for I am flame
in the tall grass, sun slanting low
through trees and hanging vines.

I am wildness creeping closer,
smoke-silent and invisible until
I rise before you, roaring red
wind-driven in the dry brush.

In the daylight of your mind I cast
a moving shadow.
In the sand of your dreams I left
a pawprint.
You sweated and woke

I will meet you on the path that leads
deep into the unclaimed jungles
of your heart
and you will know me then.

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Janna said...

The fourth stanza is my favorite.
Especially the last line.

Greyscale Territory said...

This has a definite hint of the mystical, with a hint of William Blake's vision. It reaches right into the soul.

Just lovely.

Mo said...

A great tiger poem, with vivid stripe imagery.
You always have the coolest tie-ins to Manic Monday!
And I love the new tiled border on your blog, too!
manic mo